Karin, age 55

Can't get aroused

Dear Dr.,

I’m still very much attracted to my husband and I always want to have sex but I never get wet any more. Is there a reason why I can’t get aroused? I’m 58 years old and my friends keep telling me it’s normal but, even if it is biology, I’m not interested! What can I do?

With best wishes


Dear Karen

Going through the menopause doesn’t mean sacrificing your sex life. Far from it, in fact – for many women it’s when they hit 50 that they start having the best sex of their lives. Sadly biology hasn’t caught up with us just yet, and it sounds as though you are experiencing vaginal dryness, a very common condition among post-menopausal women caused by changes in oestrogen, which your gynaecologist may call vaginal atrophy. The good news is that, while this can at first seem like a massive barrier to having a fulfilling sex life, it doesn’t need to be. There are plenty of treatments available from your gynaecologists to help with the sometimes uncomfortable symptoms and make you feel like you again.

Your Dr..